Top Ten Things Every Bridezilla Needs-#5


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Bridezilla Must-Have #5 A Blue Tooth Headset. We at bridezilla believe in grabbing technology by the ear and making it our minion. The Blue Tooth headset is no exception. These things are amazing! Bridezillas everywhere, invest in one and keep your hands free for latte sipping, wedding catalog browsing, and driving while doing your makeup, all while keeping your manicure unmarred. Perfection!
Want to charge this on your fiance’s credit card? Click here.

1 thought on “Top Ten Things Every Bridezilla Needs-#5”

  1. My Bridezilla needs to use this when she is driving. Blue Tooth headsets are great time and accident savers! Less money fixing fenders means more money for our wedding.
    Hey guys, just tell her Vera Wang uses Blue Tooth. You don’t have to know what it means–she will.


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