Totally Bizarre Wedding Invitations


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A wedding invitation should never illicit the response “” You’re inviting guests to share the biggest day of your life. When they rip open the envelope and begin to check their mental calendar, they’re already wondering if your wedding will be better than theirs and if you’re going to have an open bar (worth attending) or chocolate fountain (meh).
If your invitations suck they will assume your wedding will suck.
Play it safe. Pick nothing on this list of 36 Bizarre Wedding Invitations and maybe guests will actually show up. And another note: a myspace invitation says you’re a 17-year-old bride having a shotgun shindig. At least upgrade to Facebook!

Bridezilla’s Three Favorites:

And they just keep getting better. Read the article and see more!

7 thoughts on “Totally Bizarre Wedding Invitations”

  1. Hey Bridezilla, what’s wrong with you????? Dissing all those invitations because they’re not “traditional???” Some of us LOATHE traditional weddings. I think there are a LOT of anti-brides out there, and finding alternative wedding stuff is very, very difficult. I spent hours and hours trying to find anything at all for an alternative type of wedding, and found very little. Right after I got married, I found all kinds of alternative wedding ideas at and wished that I had found it before I got married. Now I see you putting them on your “Totally Bizarre” list! Get with the program, Bridezilla!!!!!! Traditional weddings work about as well as traditional marriages! With a divorce rate of 75% in the USA, don’t you think it’s time you started looking at some alternative ideas too? These new websites are leaving you in the dust!

  2. Oh dear. I wonder what the poor girl (sorry, two bit tramp) did to offend the mother??! Well apart from the obvious!
    Makes you wonder whether they are still together today?


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