Trojan Trousseau: A Wedding Dress made of Condoms (yep, we said it)


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Twas Thursday, and the sleepy scales were just drifting from Bridezilla’s eyes when she drowsily browsed her email to find….a wedding dress comprised of 2500 condom wrappers. Umm…you have your job, we have ours.
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You may remember Jack Mackenroth from Project Runway, cycle four. Yeah, we didn’t either, but he’s the beautiful man who went home with the mysterious mouth affliction in Episode two. Anyway, after failing to find fame and fortune by “making it work” on PR, Mackenroth is attempting to make a name for himself by creating this condom wedding gown for an Evening of Hope, an event hosted by the San Francisco AIDS/HIV charity Project Inform. According to the press release, the federal government revealed there are an estimated 56,000 cases of AIDS/HIV in the U.S. every year, and this condom couture fashion show was designed to raise awareness about the importance of safe sex.

Bridezilla Ballot:

It’s an election year, and we want to know what our fair zilla’s think about this foray into condom couture.

Is the condom wrapper wedding gown….
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Bridezilla Bonus Tip:

What’s the only thing loopier than a wedding dress made out of out condom wrappers? A wedding dress made out of condom wrappers, by a designer dude who’s allergic to latex.
“My wedding gown color palette was inspired by the AIDS ribbon,” said Mackenroth,”The entire bodice, head dress, bouquet and most of the gown were made out of 2500 condom wrappers which I spray painted and individually glued. I had to have volunteers remove all the condoms because the dress would have been way too bulky and heavy and I am very allergic to latex. Unfortunately both parties neglected to think about the lubrication factor. I spent an entire evening washing condom wrappers in my bath tub and running them through the fluff cycle of my clothes dryer. Isn’t fashion glamorous?” says Mackenroth.

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