Wedding Fashion Finds of the Week: Goddess by Nicole Miller


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Every bridezilla wants to look goddess glam on her wedding day. Flowing fabrics paired with gold or silver ropes and soft touches instantly transform a bride from lowly earthling to Venus. The key to these luxurious gowns, aside from the billowing fabrics, is the color. They are usually not pure white, but have warm undertones that complement every complexion.

Strapless Goddess Dress

Strapless Nicole Miller Dress
Keep the hair, makeup and other accessories in the same goddess theme. Wavy hair, loosely pinned back with a few curling tendrils framing the face is all you need. As for makeup, a gold hue for the eyes, pale lips and sun-kissed skin tie your look together.
Definitely de-accessorize! Less is more when you’re going for the goddess look. Try a light drop earring or necklace, nothing more is needed. Think Momma Mia.

The Ultimate Goddess

It takes definite work to look like a bridezilla goddess! But it’s oh-so worth the effort.
Both dresses can be found at Nicole Miller.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Fashion Finds of the Week: Goddess by Nicole Miller”

  1. The first dress is very dramatic and quite lovely. It goes great with her hair.Love the soft fabric and the feminine design.


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