Wedding Frock O' the Week: Ralph Lauren Spring 2008


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Dizzy off the throes of a fierce Fashion Week, one powerhouse frock from Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2008 collection stood out to Bridezilla as most wedding-day worthy. This stylish statement of a dress is sexy-elegant, not that stiff-chic we’re so sick of, not to mention we love love love the veiled hat, such a symbol of strong, dramatic romance. The fluid ruffles of the slit leg move like pure poetry and keep the dress fun with just a hint of funk. No doubt we will see both the veiled hat and the black and white wedding gown in heavy rotation for fall weddings, thanks to this fabulous runway show. Last but not least, Bridezilla finds the riding crop a very innovative prop, probably because with a few jewels or flowers it could easily double as a scepter (new bouquet anyone?) Bridezilla Bottom Line: 40 years in the business, and Ralph Lauren’s still got it. Bravo, says Bridezilla, Bravo!

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