Engagement Ring Spotlight: Quercus from Barneys


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Movie stars like kooky kid names; Bridezillas prefers quirky ring names: enter the Quercus Topaz ring from Barneys. What’s so Bridezilla-worthy about this Barneys beauty? Well, we especially like how, in the trendy sea of severe platinum solitaires, this ring radiates rosiness, warmth and light. At the same time, the sexy crust of diamonds provides this bauble just the right blinging boost. Made from smooth, opulent topaz instead of a glittery pointy diamond, this ring breaks the mold in a truly Bridezilla fashion-but don’t worry, it is still eye-catching and decently expensive, clocking in at a cool $5, 325.00. Might not be quite two months salary, but a good choice for those Bridezillas not dating drug czars or crown princes (anyone? anyone at all…)

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