Like The Barbie Dream House Only Better


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A whole townhouse full of wedding inspiration? The upcoming and aptly-named Dream House makes this a reality at a posh Upper East Side address in gorgeous uptown Manhattan. Sponsored by powerhouse Conde Nast Bridal Media (they publish BRIDES, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride,, and the Brides local magazines – we love Elegant Bride the best), this event opens on October 18th and lasts until mid-November with an impressively packed calendar in between. If anyone attends November 9th’s Caterers, Cocktails, and Cakes Editor’s Tea, take notes for us!

We’re excited for the site’s upcoming sweepstakes (free stuff!), ideas and advice (cheaper than a wedding planner!), and blog (bridal bon-mots!); in the meantime, we invite you to join us in daydreaming about a Bridezilla’s Dream World, where everyone is ready to bow to your wedding whims and the workday is split up with wedding fashion runway shows and dessert tastings. And we live in an Upper East Side townhouse. That’s an important part of the Dream World, too.

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