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You’ve been on Facebook since 2004, back when it was “just for college kids.” Your Twitter blows up daily thanks to the barrage RTs from your most scandalous tweets. You are the tech-savvy bride-to-be, which means it’s time to use your social media skills to make your dream day come true.

Whether you’re trying to build an off-beat bridal blog, check out the latest trends in nuptial negligees or seek the advice of mavens in the married world, here are 5 wedding worthy social media sites every bride shouldn’t live without.

1. Pinterest


What it is:

Pinterest is an online community for members who “pin” images and links of the things they love. To join in the fun, all you do is pin an image of something you love and others can view it, like it, add a comment or re-pin it to their own board. To make it even easier, everything integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon.

Why it’s Wedding Worthy:

Use Pinterest to build and organize your digital inspiration board. Add to it, delete pins or borrow ideas from friends whenever you’d like. The best part is that you can invite your venders to collaborate on a Pinterest board with you. Just imagine how much time you’ll save bouncing ideas with your wedding planner on your “bouquet board” than scheduling multiple in-person meetings.

2. WeddingWire


What it is:

WeddingWire is so much more than a wedding website maker. With apps that range from budget calculators to RSVP tabulators, wedding forums and over 100,000 reviewed vendors (all of which integrate to their iPhone app), WeddingWire is the place to start for anyone who’s still admiring their new ring.

Why it’s Wedding Worthy:

It’s obvious that wedding is in the name, but the real question is what makes WeddingWire different? Apart from building a wedding site, the network of vendors and reviews is an unmatched advantage compared to other sites that offer the same services.

3. Honeyfund


What it is:

Honeyfund is a free online honeymoon registry site that allows your guests to pay for portions of your honeymoon travel airfare to daily activities. Gift givers donate money to you through a PayPal account, which you can use to pay for your activities throughout your vacation.

Why it’s Wedding Worthy:

One of the more unsettling aspects of the wedding registry for any bride is asking for a high-value item. For most of us, we don’t have an aunt or uncle that’s willing to drop a grand on a flight to Paris, but we all have family members that are willing to pay a portion of the way to the City of Lights. Honeyfund allows you to divide up economical portions of your vacation for others to chip-in.

4. The Dealmap

The Dealmap

What it is:

The Dealmap is the largest aggregator of daily deal sites on the internet. From Groupon and Living Social to local deals around town, this is the place to find them all – and in map form.

Why it’s Wedding Worthy:

If you think you’re too good to use a daily deal coupon for your wedding, awesome – now don’t rub it in my face. However, if you’re one of the other 95% of brides who are on the lookout for the latest bargain, The Dealmap is a godsend. The truth is that weddings cost a f@#$ing fortune. Finding out there’s a special on designer umbrellas in Seattle or the best hotel deals in Los Angeles really helps when you need it most.

5. PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com


What it is:

PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com lives up to its name as one of the largest resellers of wedding dresses, but the site functions more like a social media site based on its ability to connect sellers and buyers in a wedding-themed open market of fashion.

Why it’s Wedding Worthy:

If you’re a forward thinking bride who’s more into the three R’s (reducing, reusing and recycling) compared to boxing away precious memories, you might not mind wearing someone else’s dress. It’s green. It’s cost effective. Plus, you might recoup some much needed cash once your magical day becomes once upon a memory.

If you have any other social media sites you think other brides would love, please submit your suggestions in the comments below and we’ll be sure to talk about them in a future post.

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