Every Boy's Crazy About A Sharp-Dressed Bridezilla


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flag.jpg We’re already nuts about DSquared’s fabulous Italy-by-way-of-Canada preppy aesthetic, but when we saw this bracelet, we realized the true possibilities of unisex preppy fashion. We’re big fans of jangly, gold things (hey, Bridezilla never claimed to be complex in her style tastes), and this is the sort of piece that you can get away with gifting to the fiance and stealing back at your pleasure.

winberg.jpg Let’s face it, it’s a bit too much for men who aren’t aiming for the shirt half unbuttoned, over-bronzed playboy look, but how great would it look on your wrist paired with this look from the DSquared Spring 2007 runway show?
We admit it, we got a bit dizzy when we stumbled upon Diabro.net, an online retailer offering everything from Chloe and Christian Louboutin to Miu Miu, Marni, Pucci, and Diesel; it’s the nature of the Bridezilla to get a little overwhelmed when confronted with that much fabulous fashion. If you have a taste for European luxury, go visit them! We will be, and very likely on a basis approaching daily.

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