Sex and the Spa Pedicure


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How Bridezilla is this? The fabulous new Julep Salon just opened in Seattle with much pomp and sophistication, including a Thursday night “Girls Night Out” consisting of classic manicures accompanied by classic Sex and the City episodes. Salon chairs can be arranged to meet any size group of girlfriends. Park Avenue and paraffin? Yes please!
As if this weren’t enough, keep reading to hear about more special salon perks for Bridezillas-to-be!

Looking for the perfect bachelorette party or bridal shower activity? Combine Sex and the City night with the Champagne Celebration! This decadent treatment includes extras like an invigorating aloe vera bamboo scrub, a reflexology massage (mmm) as well as a stimulating champagne moisturizer and, even better- a savory champagne truffle to pamper your tongue as well as your tootsies! We love it!
Even more important than all this pampering perfection, we want to support this salon after using scientific research to figure out that the founder and CEO Jane Park is a complete and total Bridezilla after our own heart. A self-made woman of the best Bridezilla breed, the former Starbucks executive took her expertise from mochas to manis after being chastised for not using her “spa voice” when at the salon with some girlfriends ( it is a known fact that bridezillas hate being quiet). Affronted by her need for spa fun, Park took matters into her own pre-manicures hands and created Julep, which in true Starbucks fashion is not just a salon, but a gathering place for girlfriends to linger, beautify, relax, and never ever use their spa voices.

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