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marrakech.jpg If your dream honeymoon is more Arabian Nights than traditional over-bronzed hike to Hawaii, Marrakech might be the exotic destination for you. The sultry heat of Morocco is perfect for Bridezillas who’d like a little dash of Kama Sutra in their post-wedding plans – why not match the locale with flowing robes, gorgeous gold jewelry, and eyes rimmed with kohl? If there was ever a time to learn how to perfectly apply black liquid eyeliner, that time is now!

We admit it, we spend too much time looking up info on Marrakech, Morocco. It’s on that lovely cusp of quietly trendy without being a tourist trap, so the socialite crowd that holidays there is much more Guggenheim than Hilton. All that, and do we even need to say? It’s gorgeous. We’ve whittled down our list of favorites to these honeymoon-friendly sites and lodgings.
Majorelle Gardens: Dating from the 1920s, these gardens have no better a pedigree than Yves Saint Laurent himself, who took over the care of this gorgeous destination of private pools, bougainvilleas, banana trees, coconut palms, and a series of houses painted a stunning cobalt blue.
Amanjena: Two-bedroom maisons with private pool? Be still our beating Bridezilla hearts. Marrakech, you had us at bonjour (that’s right, brush up on your high school francais – French is one of the most commonly spoken languages in Morocco, unless you want to take a crash course in Morrocan Arabic).
Menarra Gardens: Perfect for newlywed sunset walks, these gardens are all romance, with a gorgeous view that’s led to this being named the most popular romantic destination among locals.
Jnane Tamsna: Each room has a fireplace, canopy bed, and private terrace. Do we need to keep talking? Maybe it’s the Mediterranean gourmet in us, but the artichoke and olive tree Zen garden definitely appeals. Or maybe we’re thinking too much about the Moroccan dishes and other traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Seriously, add in a good quality tapenade on toast and we’re never, ever leaving.

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