(Have Someone Else) Make Your Own Wedding Invitations


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While we love the idea of DIY, the Y loses us sometimes – after all, why do yourself what you can get someone else to do for you? If there’s anything Bridezilla’s good at, it’s putting together a team, whether it’s gathering the girls for Sunday brunch or simply convincing them that they could have no better plans than helping out their Bridezilla BFF! We’ve decided the best use of time and effort is that which is accompanied by cocktails, so read on for tips on how to get darling DIY wedding invitations without too much tiring DIY action.

A true Bridezilla never delegates throwing a party! Please, like we’d ever willfully skip out on the chance to gather friends, decorating finery, and bottles of champagne harmoniously all under our roof. Wedding planning is the best excuse of all for impromptu gatherings with a purpose, so you can easily combine bridesmaid quality time, champagne cocktails, and getting things accomplished.
If you’d rather be seen in public in puffy sleeves than risk having similar invitations to someone else, try DIY invitations and circumvent the problem altogether. Our friends at Wedding Fanatic have put together a fabulous video showing you how to do it, complete with helpful stationery templates, so all you need is time and a willing band of bridesmaid worker bees to reign over as queen! (Hint: try a little honey to smooth things along and increase their willingness – and by honey, honey, we mean bellinis.)

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