Wedding Favor Boxes: Do it Yourself and Save on Costs for the Big Day!


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favorbox.jpg While Bridezilla herself wouldn’t be actually assembling these cute little favor boxes, certainly an army of bridesmaids could be recruited. These are simple, easy to make and can cut costs off the cost of the wedding, freeing up more funds for the beautification on the bride.

Clear glue sticks/glue gun
Cardboard favor boxes (white or any other color)
Decorations: silk flowers, rhinestones, charms, confetti
1.) Heat up glue gun and put in clear stick of glue.
2.) Construct the favor box if it comes folded.
3.) Decide which decorations you want to use and the best placement.
4.) If you plan on using a wide ribbon as a backing (like in the lily example) measure and glue down the ribbon on the edges only first. Otherwise the glue will show through the sheer ribbon. Tip: Only do the front and back and not the sides if the favor box is like in the example and folds at the top. Otherwise the ribbon will get crinkled when you go to close up the box.
5.) Begin gluing on your decorations.
6.) Cut a square of tulle 6×6 inches and place candy or favors in the center.
7.) Place tulle and candy inside favor box and lightly glue the corner of the box together so that the tulle peeks out, but the candy will stay inside. Do not over glue.
The little boxes seen here are a great starting off point for personalized wedding favors! Add decorations, flowers, charms, ribbons!
Another variation to personalize further would be to print the couple’s name and wedding date on cardstock, cut out with fancy edged scissors and glue on the front.

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