Weddings of the World: Get Married in Space, and More


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Bridezillas are citizens of the world, so check out this round-up of wedding news from around the world.
brideelephant.jpg Where no Bridezilla has gone before…. Japan invites you to get married in space.

Back seat Bridezilla.
It’s seven minutes to wedded heaven with Sweden’s new drive-in weddings.

Bridezillas ride bareback.
Courtesy of India, U.S. citizens can now also enjoy the thrill of getting married via elephant escort-the 7,000 Minnie, described as a “grey asian diva.”

Bridezilla does basic math.
In China, couples are rushing to capitalize on the culturally lucky number 8, with ceremonies that take place on July 8, 2008, start at 8:08 a.m/p.m., and cost, you guessed it $8,888. One tradition that defies cultural affiliation? Saying the eight-lettered “I love you” as often as possible.

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