Wine/Food Pairing Primer for your Wedding Reception


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Does your palate need priming? Wine expert Leslie Sbrocco gives you pairing tips to confidently match wine and food for a delectable wedding reception spread. Way beyond the old white-with-fish, red-with-meat rule, so click below to read more!

Tips from Leslie:
*First, throw out the old idea of only white wine with fish and red wine with meat. You’re really matching the texture – full with full, light with light. A delicate dish with a subtle sauce will pair with a lighter white, and a hearty dish will be enhanced by a full-bodied red or full-bodied white.
* Complement aromas and flavors.
* Contrast characteristics of the wine: use the acidity in wine like a knife to cut through rich dishes.
* Consider the sauces: creamy mustard sauce on any dish deserves the same wine pick, whether the base is chicken, veal, salmon or vegetables.
Did all this wine talk whet your taste? Check out these wine and wedding podcasts from celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, or print out these awesome wine primer downloads for instant sommelier status. All can be found at the amazing Mirassou Winery website.

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