A Happy Marriage between Your Body and Your Bridal Gown

Posted by on 07 Sep, 2010

The single most photographed and scrutinized piece of cloth that will ever adorn your body will likely be the all-mighty bridal gown.  With such hefty pressures to be an even more glorious version of your stunning self, finding your gown, the one that causes angels to descend and trumpets to sound, is no easy feat.

Before you gallivant off to the nearest bridal store, start with a little prep work at home that will help pinpoint your most flattering fit.  With that out of the way, you just may see your fantasy gown waltz right off the racks and into your waiting arms.  To showcase your body in the best light, check out JLM Couture’s fabulous dress type guide.

Even better, JLM Couture’s match-up guide also works wonders for bridesmaid dresses.  Gorgeous bridesmaids in dresses that enhance their figures and can be worn again as formal dresses are the perfect complement to a radiant bride.  Discover your special style, then print out the guide and take it straight to the store with you.  It’s that easy!

JLM Couture bridal gown to body type match-up

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  1. On 13 Sep, 2010, hunter valley weddings said:

    That’s such a great guide! We are going to re-tweet this. Thanks!

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    • On 17 Nov, 2010, Nadine said:

      Thanks for the re-tweet! I’m happy the guide was so helpful!

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  2. On 19 Sep, 2010, Melissa said:

    Great guide. Definitely a huge help. Thanks.

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