Queen of Style: Bridal Gowns Go Cocktail Hour


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Marchesa short dress spring 2011

Marchesa short dress spring 2011

The elegant mini dress is no longer reserved for cocktail hour.  Just about every collection prancing down the runway at New York Fashion Week’s spring 2011 showing featured at least one short bridal gown proving that though tradition holds strong, there is still plenty of room to play.

And play, they did.  With the bridezilla mantra, “I’ve never heard of ‘Here Comes the Groom;’ it’s my wedding!” freshly ringing in their heads from a marathon of WEtv’s Bridezillas, top designers went all out creating some major bridal eye-catchers.  Case in point, the cheeky (in more ways than one) little number above by Marchesa.

The “It’s about me and me only” Dress

Want to guarantee that no one misses your moment as The Almighty and All-Powerful Supreme Ruler of the Universe and…I mean beautiful blushing bride?  Take the spotlight, and I don’t mean just one, but all the spotlights in the venue, as you make your grand entrance in a show-stopping number like the glamorous Oscar de la Renta piece on the left or the Monique Lhuillier creation on the right.

Oscar de la Renta and Monique Lhuillier bridal spring 2011

The “I’m not a normal looking girl.  I’m absolutely stunning” Dress

Stun the crowd as you dominate the aisle in a demurely detailed bridal frock.  You’re not the average bride causing family and friends to well at the eyes.  You’re stealing the show and causing jaws to drop as you bring the party to the altar.  Melissa Sweet by Priscilla of Boston opts for softly swept, over-sized ruffles while Victoria Nicole keeps it neat, tidy and fitted to perfection.

Melissa Sweet and Victoria Nicole bridal spring 2011

The “I always get what I want” Dress

Many bridezilla’s seem to share the battle cry of, “It’s my day!”  Keep it your day and not necessarily your dress’ day by bringing the wow factor in an understated way.  Flawless construction, as demonstrated by these two Amsale wedding dresses, will cause every neck to crane.  The minimalist design grabs your guest’s attention then allows the focus to travel straight to you, where it should stay for the rest of your day.

Amsale bridal spring 2011

5 thoughts on “Queen of Style: Bridal Gowns Go Cocktail Hour”

    • Luckily most of the short dresses still have a classic quality, they’re just modernized. As for the comments taken straight out of WETV’s ‘Bridezillas’…yeah, I’d say gone are the days of the refined bride, which is exactly why some women get the lovely title of Bridezilla instead of blusing bride..haha.

    • Those last two are especially versatile..with such clean lines you could easily use them again for parties, or in the case of the one on the right, you could even wear it to a summer picnic! My personal favs are the over-the-top ruffled ones in the first set. Nothing says, “Here comes the bride” quite like an unexpectedly short and dramatic dress.


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