Think Outside the Beach: Unusual Destination Wedding Locales


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Destination: wedding. Bridezilla loves Groomzilla scrawled into the sand. Vows and “I love yous” whispered under a trellis made from a hundred purple orchids. The sun slipping behind the horizon as you stand in a swirling ivory gown.

Not your thing?

“Sunset soiree” and “destination wedding” don’t have to be synonymous. Think outside the beach and jet-set to these ultra romantic and unusual destinations.

The best thing about these three venues: there’s no need for a bikini wax.

Destination: Tower of London

wedding tower of londonAll the ladies wear hats in London. Love it!

Getting hitched at the Ann of Bolyne execution spot might seem morbid; however, the Tower of London also houses the glittering crown jewels and coronation dinnerware that will make you rethink registering at Target. I globe-trotted to the Tower just last month and had the honor of watching this bride, only a few steps from marital bliss.

wedding tower of london

It was a grand London entrance.  No red carpet – just the click-clack of stilettos on cobblestones.

Destination: The Ice Hotel, Quebec City

It’s another stop on bridezilla’s world wedding tour.  Situated on the St. Lawrence River in Canada, Quebec City is undoubtedly the most romantic city in North America. Everyone speaks French. Charming cafes and courtyards dot every twist and turn. In the winter, the Quebcois build quite literally, the coolest wedding venue:  The Hotel de Glaces, or Ice Hotel.

Snow archways, shimmering crystal sculptures, an ice bar and other accouterments will make your winter wonderland wedding one to remember. It’s burr-eautiful!

Destination: DainTree Ecolodge, Australia

Hey there, environmentzilla – get hitched without hurting mother earth. The DainTree Eco Lodge has 15 “Bayans” (traditional tree houses) shrouded in the world’s oldest rainforest. How is that for romantic? Indulge in an aboringinal massage. Go au natural in the pool.  It’s tranquil. It’s tropic.  But there’s nothing beach about it.

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  1. That London wedding looks like the best time ever! I’m a huge supporter of “outside the norm” destinations for weddings and I know quite a few brides feel the way I do. Some of my favorite ideas are New Orleans, in the mountains (any mountains, LOL), or silly-but-oh-so-you (if this *is* you) Vegas weddings. Uber-chic and kitschy.


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