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Van Cleef and Arpels (left) and Imagine Nation Photography (right)

You don’t hear about them much, unless you are actually in the midst of planning a wedding, but engagement photos are becoming a big part of the wedding preparation process.  With the wedding, and all the fanfare that goes with it, taking on a formal tone, engagement photos are the perfect time to showcase your sprightly, quirky, completely compatible coupledom.

Captured well before the stresses of wedding planning kick in, engagement photos can serve as ‘Save the Date’ announcements, be used in wedding programs or included in newspaper announcements.  Let your imagination run wild as you give your friends and family a peek into the rose-colored world you and your sweetheart are dreaming into a reality.

Reflect on the Classics

Take a cue from an idyllic Van Cleef and Arpels fine jewelry advertisement (on the left) and catch a hint of affection on film with caught-in-the-moment romance.

Van Cleef and Arpels (left) and Imagine Nation Photography (right)

Everything Old is New Again

For the techie twosomes out there, spin the classic mirror reflection into a snapshot.  Keep it retro with a Polaroid or go modern times with a digital close-up.   Let some of the voyeurism seep out and throw in a heaping dose of in-your-face infatuation.

Stephanie Williams Photography (left) and Studio Two Twenty Two Photography (right)

Then Everything New Goes Old Again

The grass is always greener on the vintage side.  Everyone loves to romanticize history, and why not, many of the photos left behind are still held as the height of glamor.  However you style it, the golden days of eras gone by will always be in vogue.

Courtney Jade (left) and Oakstream Photography (right)

The Odd Couple

Relive the magic moments of your togetherness through some truly fantastical photos.  Engagement photos are probably the only ones where you can go all-out wacky and have it turn out to be the cutest portrait ever!

A DIY photo shoot (left) and Jeremy Lawson (right)

The Happiest Place on Earth

Forget taking a trip to Disneyland for your photo shoot and find the next best thing when it comes to candy-colored happiness.  The carnival!  Daytime playfulness or bright lights after dark, either way there are bound to be endless picture-taking opportunities.

Jill Myers (left) and Divine Light Photography (right)

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    • I think the carnival pics (and the chalk outline pics) work so well because they’re the most playful and spontaneous. I guess that’s a note to all soon-to-be engagement photo takers…don’t over-pose it.


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