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Paramount Studios logo and Marlene Dietrich

The dress is the shining moment, but unless the venue, the frame for that glorious dress, is equally dazzling the entire event could fall flat.  Of course, dazzling does not have to mean mortgaging the house.  Take inspiration for some optimal locales, including a Hollywood studio and an underwater aquarium, to create the statement you truly want and the memories you’ll truly cherish.

Hooray for Hollywood

Strut right into the high-octane glamorous world of Hollywood set amidst the legendary grounds of The Studios at Paramount; the studio that was once home to Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Audrey Hepburn and Gloria Swanson.

Paramount Studios and Marlene Dietrich

Receive your guests as they gather around the famed Bronson Gates by the studio’s main promenade.  The ceremony itself can be held in front of the lit up iron gates or it can travel on to studio grounds in front of the fountain at the center of the circular courtyard.  The possibilities are endless as you move into the Paramount Theatre, complete with logo marquee, for your reception or have an outdoor party on one of the many city skyline backlots that have been used in countless movies and television shows.

Paramount Studios weddings

Maybe you just want to pose with famous movie props for your wedding photos, screen your personal love story in a grand cinema or take your guests on an adventure through a private tour of the entire backlot.  Hollywood really is the land of dreams.

Nature for the Indoor-Lover

Take the outdoors in with an atrium setting.  In your indoor wonderland, you can create the most magnificent outdoor setting of your dreams or even just a whisper of the outdoors with elegant sky high windows mimicking a greenhouse.

Simplistic modernity can be the perfect balance for highly ornate atriums like at The Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC.  On the other end of the spectrum, bold and bright décor at the Rincon Atrium and Yank Sing Restaurant in San Francisco takes “all out” to new levels.

Atrium weddings

The atrium at The Fairmont Hotel in St. John’s, New Foundland is picturesque at dusk with a stunning view of steep hills.  The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan holds just a peek of atrium opulence juxtaposed with a more traditional and historical floor space, while Brooklyn’s The Palm House is the incarnation of a beautifully domed birdhouse-style atrium.

Atrium wedding

Where the Wild Things Are

For the animal lover, take the ceremony and reception straight to the zoo and aquarium.  For a sleek, ultra hip feel, scout out your neighborhood aquarium for some amazing underwater finds.  The Pittsburgh, Florida and Georgia aquariums, respectively, are amazing locales for a watery wedding minus the beach.

Aquarium weddings

Bring it above ground for a fun and playful wedding at the zoo.  Feel like you’re on a safari as you exchange rings where nosy giraffes, especially at the Santa Barbara Zoo (image two), poke their head in to see what’s going on.  Watch the wildlife up close at the San Francisco Zoo or stay a safe distance away while at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

Zoo weddings

Not Just for the Nerdy

Weddings can celebrate both the love of two people and of great education.  Make your passions or hobbies part of your day by holding the event in your favorite museum.  The Natural History Museum in London is hands down the best venue if a larger-than-life skeleton of a T-Rex is what you want in your theme.  Art lovers can relive the Renaissance at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.  Seattle’s Museum of Flight is a gift from heaven for aviation enthusiasts.

Museum weddings

If being a book worm speaks to your soul, find a quiet space in a public library for your special ceremony.  The Seattle Public Library is very avant garde for those with an industrial-esque wedding theme.  Take it classical or festive at the New York Public Library where just about any theme can be created.  For true book lovers, keep the charm of an old library firmly intact by incorporating a wedding into the already usable reading space like in the Boston Public Library.

Public library weddings

It’s your wedding, make a statement! See more unique destination weddings.

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