Zilla Inspiration: Autumn Placecards and Wedding Favors


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Fresh from a night of drinks, schmoozing, and drooling over cool wedding stuff at Urban Unveiled, bridezilla is officially inspired. Don’t miss our upcoming reveals, tips, and trends from the biggest wedding night in Seattle.

For now, let’s tackle the little things: perfect-for-autumn placecard holders and wedding favors (none of them involve acorns or caramel apples so keep reading).

Here is your weekly dose of zilla inspiration:

Orange Blossom Placecard Holders

orange blossom placecard holders
From NySocialDiary

For the health-conscious bridezilla: orange blossom placecard holders. Secured to  edible fruit with the tiniest of sparkles.  Helps your guests sniff out their tables and doubles as a wedding favor. Love it!

Pear Placecards

For those “perfect pair” bridezillas: Same basic idea, except the letters are pasted right onto the pear.  Also makes a great placecard for all those dinner parties you’ll be forced to have now that you’re getting married.

Super Chic Black & White Escort Cards

black & white escort envelopes
From Blissweddingmarket

For the haute bridezilla:  Nothing says “I’m richer than you,” than the ability to blow your money on hand-drawn escort envelope.  The overall effect is definitely sophisticated and pretty.

Crafty and Pretty

For the crafty bridezilla: Vibrant colors. Elegant D-I-Y details. Not something you should try to make yourself if you’re like me and still can’t use scissors properly.

Wishbone Wedding Favors

For the offbeat November bridezilla: Not only does it create wedding day whimsy, it’s one of those favor ideas that instantly made me pound my head and exclaim “why didn’t I think of that?”

Hope you’re full of fall inspiration.

1 thought on “Zilla Inspiration: Autumn Placecards and Wedding Favors”

  1. I want to know where to buy those plastic wishbone favors…my wedding is two days after thanksgiving and it would be cute to do that.


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