Bridezilla Ballot: The Bridal Boutique Cover Charge

Posted by on 30 Jun, 2008

rachel.jpgTry this on for size-if you can afford it. In the past, bridal salons may have requested a modest, fully-refundable deposit for trying on gowns-similar to a damage deposit in a hotel. Now though, some bridal salons’ business models are mirroring that of recent ludicrous airline restrictions instead. Look at a gown? Fine. Try it on? Oh, that will cost you.
For example, one Australian store is currently charging $350 for the bridal shop’s two-visit “consultation.” That’s more than the average psychiatrist, just for being able to try on bridal gowns! Then again, trying on a really, really pretty Vera wang A-line sheath could beat the mood boosting benefits of some shriveled old shrink any day….
Are there really major problems with roving droves of un-engaged women hell bent on the high of bridal-gown dress-up? Or is the fee just a ploy to trap you into buying a gown from a certain vendor, since that’s often the only way to get the deposit refunded? Bridezilla wants to know, is this bridal gown try-on fee a total rip-off? Or do bridal shops have a right to safeguard against tulle trespassers? Weigh in here!

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