Bridezilla Ballot: Wedding Night Nooky a No-No?

Posted by on 23 Jul, 2007

It’s no secret many brides aren’t waiting until their wedding night to have sex, but, Bridezilla wonders, how many of you are waiting until after?
British model and recent Bridezilla Jordan just announced that she and her husband Peter Andre did not consummate their marriage on their wedding night, but rather hung out in bed eating “crisp sandwiches.” Err, must be a B-list British celeb thing right?
Wrong, actually. Right here in the U.S. brand-new Bridezillas Eva Longoria and Rebecca Romijn have both been the subject of media scrutiny due to their post-wedding micro-moons. Despite the happy smiles upon their return, it’s hard to imagine even these sizzling celebs fitting Nine 1/2-Weeks worthy action into a mere weekend, we say! In fact, a survey from finds 59% percent of brides plan to have sex on their wedding night while the other 28% plan to sleep.
Miss B wants to know: is wedding night sex an anachronism ready to be tossed out like a garter to a groomsman? Or still a milestone-topping must-have?

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  1. On 23 Jul, 2007, Chris said:

    Those Brits are doing everything in their power to destroy the English language! Kick em out of our country, I say!
    What’s that? They have their own country? Oh.

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