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Some ladies pick up Lucky from the grocery store checkout line and content themselves with that catalogesque, content-free Capitalism-fest disguised as a magazine, but Bridezillas can do better than that, we think. Sure, pick up Lucky or Elle for note-to-self-ing re: fashion’s five minute long trends, but do you really want what Katharine McPhee’s favorite dress is to be your arbiter of fashion? We think not.
The following magazines will give you an better perspective on what’s going on in the fashion and celebrity world, and you’ll be proud to scatter them in an artfully haphazard fashion onto your coffee table.

Italian Vogue: Sure, the stateside Wintour version is fine for delivering the latest news on New York socialites and who they’re social-climbing with today, but for raw, vendetta-free fashion, cross the Atlantic for a taste of the European avant-garde. Like the blue-eyed cabana boy you met in Cabo, some things are so beautiful that they cross the language barrier; if you can’t parla italiano, you can certainly get some fantastic ideas for your fall purchases just by looking at the gorgeous shoots within each issue. (Have a few extra hundred bucks in your magazine budget? We also covet Vogues Greek, Nippon, and Brasil.)
Vogue Sposa: On the above note, if pretty, inspiring pictures and the Italian language strike you as a fine combination, pick up this magazine and consider a move to Rome as you page through this gorgeous example of what American bridal magazines could be if only they were intensely fabulous and foreign.
W: W can get a bit tedious in tone, but can you really argue with the cultural relevance of August’s gorgeous Posh and Becks feature or July ’05’s jaw-dropping Brad and Angelina spread? Skip Suzy Menkes’ tedious socialite-trailing and just make sure that you’re the first to see who genius photographer Steven Klein (of the above-mentioned spreads) is pointing his lens at this month.
Interview: Want pretty pictures of famous people? Skip US Weekly’s Stars – They’re Just Like Us!! nonsense and trust the pros, from Bruce Weber to Annie Liebovitz, to deliver the photographs you need to see. With delicious, daring photo spreads and relevant, revealing interviews, Andy Warhol’s vaunted brainchild will give you the look you desire into the lives of superstars present and future, without the gaudy tabloid sheen of most other celebrity-based publications.

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