This Bridezilla Needs a Tandem Bicycle: 5 Fresh Takes on Wedding Transportation


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Tired of the whole love, marriage, horse- drawn carriage scenario that seems to conclude every wedding these days? Think limos are for 80’s movies and mafiosos? We do too!
Below, redefines making an exit with five fabulous new wedding transportation trends.

1) A Tandem Bike. What could make for a better Bridezilla exit than a bicycle built for two? Being a veteran Bridezilla reader, you’ll already be wearing your stylishly-casual reception dress so there’ll be no cumbersome skirts to navigate. Just hop on the back of your new trusty ten-speed and prepare to be peddled like the princess you are! We love this nostalgic wedding transportation that promises lots of romantic adventures in the future, with just the right touch of childhood innocence. Capitalize on that magic by attaching old-fashioned wedding bells, streamers and of course, a “Just Married” Sign to the classic tandem bike basket.

2) A Hot Air Balloon. Ok, so you’ve never like, skydived-but you do have a lot of experience looking down on others! Put this intrinsic Bridezilla skill to use by making a soaring hot air balloon exit from your wedding reception. Watch with unmitigated joy as those touchy bridesmaids and pushy MIL-zillas just float away, just as you wished for throughout the entire wedding planning. Take in some gorgeous scenery, sip some wine and wave to all your well-wishers from your lofty perch. Many places throw in wedding extras like a wedding photo, champagne toast and flowers.

3) A Vespa. For the urban Bridezilla, the Vespa may provide some more practical two-wheeled wedding transportation. Bridezillas look a vision riding away on these sleek scooters and it will be fun for tootling around the city after the wedding as well! Bridezilla says: Nothing says “marriage bond” quite like matching helmets! Not convinced Vespas are conventionally acceptable wedding transportation? This hilarious wedding Vespa retrospective will change your mind!
4) Wedding Gondola. Maybe your thinking that a wedding gondala isn’t the most original idea you’ve heard, but what you might not know is that you don’t have to travel to Venice anymore to experience this time-honored wedding transportation. From Vegas to Boston, Bridezillas are experiencing the bliss of love boat leisure sans smarmy Italian crooner-winner, you!

5) Fire engine. Ok, we know we said no limos, but this chauffeur-driven fire engine is the Bridezilla exception. Our logic is simple: every guy fantasizes about being a fireman. Every girl fantasizes about being with one. Heretofore, a fire engine wedding exit is a fantasy escape indeed! From complimentary champagne to a roomy backseat, sites like this promise steamy post-wedding escapades, wheee!

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