Monday Bridezilla Bites


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How about a couture wedding dress for half the retail price? If you’re in the sample size range, you could have some luck with the Your Dream Dress eBay store, and by luck we mean half-off Valentino wedding dresses, oh my god.
Our spider sense tingles at any mention of the ‘zilla suffix, and today we were clued in to Emily Post’s Wedding Planner For Moms, seen here. Depending on your mom’s desired level of involvement, this could either be a great help to the both of you or simply something to make her feel like she’s contributing and stop her peering over your shoulder. Everyone wins!
Manolo Brides turned us on to these fabulous wedding gift baskets, which are utterly fabulous for destination weddings or out-of-town guests. You’ll be supporting local businesses and saving guests from a fate of room service or raiding the mini-bar, ensuring happily-fed friends and family filing into the wedding hall on the big day.
Eva Longoria says she wasn’t a Bridezilla. (Bridezilla says she wouldn’t be an Eva Longoria either, so there.)

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