Bridezilla Finishing School: The Egalitarian Invitation Address

Posted by on 27 Dec, 2007

Now that the dust has settled over the hyphenation issue, there is a new “what’s in a name” quandary posed by Something Old, Something New. Bridezilla finds it quite interesting.

The question is how to address a wife in a wedding invitation without having to rely on the chilling “Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smith” option, which just makes the woman sound like a total non-entity. We agree with the author that regardless what suffix you have selected for married life, you don’t have to be a feminist to still be entitled to a first name.

A few options presented by the post:
1) Mr. Matthew & Mrs. Mathilda Smith
2) Mr. & Mrs. Mathew and Mathilda Smith
3) The Smith Family

The last option can be problematic if you don’t plan to have children at your wedding, but the first two sound like good solutions. We also agree with the post’s advice to always include women’s hyphenated names where applicable and also their professional titles. Bridezilla Bonus Tip: If the wife kept her maiden name, it is most appropriate to list her full name first, then list her groomzilla’s name underneath. Take care to give the proper egalitarian wedding addresses. Bridezilla says: anything else is the calligraphy equivalent of cows for dowries!

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