Bridezilla Freakout of the Week: Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives Season 3 Finale

Posted by on 21 May, 2007

It has been our secret opinion for some time that all Desperate Housewives begin as Bridezillas. Now here’s proof. Press play below to watch Gabby Solis have a Bridezilla-sized ballistic fit. But really, only Susan would be lame enough to suggest that a drugstore lipstick serve as her “something new.”

Our favorite line from Gabby’s classic Bridezilla meltdown?

“I just paid a makeup artist five hundred bucks to do my face. Do you really think I want to march down the aisle looking like I just ate a popsicle?”

Bridezilla says, it depends on the flavor!
Anyway we heard that Eva Longoria is a total Bridezilla in real life too, insisting that her character’s dress look nothing like her real life wedding gown, as to not detract from her upcoming wedding to basketball player Tony Parker. Welcome to the B Girls Club, Eva!

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