Funny Caption Friday: Chin-Up Bride

Posted by on 30 Apr, 2010

And you thought we weren’t going to do it this week. Have no fear, my snarky bridezillas. Funny Caption Friday is alive and thriving so ready, set, caption.
A true bridezilla works out until the moment before she walks down the aisle. Let’s hear it for the chin-up bride!

Chin-Up Bridezilla

chin up bride.jpg
Must. Lose. 5 More Pounds.
One last workout before the wedding night
The lengths a bridezilla will go to to get rid of that back flab
Photo submitted by: The SmartBride Boutique.
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  1. On 04 May, 2010, Andrea said:

    All I can think of is the scene from Anchorman when Ron Burgundy starts doing bicep curls in his office to impress Veronica.
    In fact, I’m not actually convinced this girl is a bride… in fact… maybe she’s just obsessed with getting married! Caption: “1000, 1001…”
    ‘One Day’ Bride: 1000, 1001…
    Potential Groom: Oh, that’s a… ahhhh… a very pretty dress you’re working out in there.
    ‘One Day’ Bride: Oh, hey there. I wasn’t expecting company. Just doing my workout. Tuesday’s arms and back.
    Potential Groom: But the trainor over there said you were asking about me.
    ‘One Day’ Bride: Oh, did he?
    Potential Groom: Yes.
    ‘One Day’ Bride: Ohh, feel the burn! I can barely lift my arms ’cause I did so many. I don’t know if you overheard me counting but I did over a thousand.
    ***Awkward Pause***
    ‘One Day’ Bride: So… do you want to get married?

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  2. On 04 May, 2010, Wren said:

    This bride will be able to hold her chin up high as she walks down the aisle looking totally svelte.

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  3. On 04 May, 2010, Andrea said:

    Chin ups are good for getting rid of double chins, right?

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  4. On 04 May, 2010, Amanda said:

    Only if your neck is bent at a 45 degree angle
    Keep the comments coming!

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  5. On 05 May, 2010, Britney said:

    She looks like she is going to do a Daryl Hannah from Bladerunner. I bet she has strong legs too. Watch out for your neck Decker!

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  6. On 07 May, 2010, Dynamite Weddings said:

    Haha I LOVE the picture!

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  7. On 07 May, 2010, April said:

    This is a hard work-out routine.I bet a bride would do anything to be fit on her wedding day!Aahh, the stress that weddings bring!!!

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