Chelsea Clinton: Not a Bridezilla


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There are a lot of folks out there today accusing Chelsea Clinton of being a Bridezilla. And not the nice kind we always talk about here. Nooooo. The snarky, bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you-and-then-go-for-the-whole-arm type.
All because she suggested, maybe, that dad Bill could lose a few pounds?
Can we put this in perspective, please? Victoria Beckham wears a $75,000 dress, and we’re in a snit because someone asked her dad, who has a bad ticker, to lose weight. Hrmph.

  • Bill Clinton has a bad heart. Any smart girl would use the wedding to embarrass her dad into losing some weight and maybe sticking around to see the grandkids, yes?
  • It’s not like Chelsea is running around in the media screaming that her dad’s a lardo.
  • Bill, Bill you never mention wedding plans publicly. We may invent a Dadzilla award just for you.

Yawn. Wake me up when there’s a real controversy, K? Thanks.

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