Funny Caption Friday: Ronald McFreaky

Posted by on 16 Apr, 2010

What’s on bridezilla’s menu this sunny Friday? One wedding photo that freaked us out and made us giggle. Feast your eyes on this photo and serve up your own caption — extra mustard please.
funny wedding photos - mcdonalds.jpg
Picture found here.
“What? I couldn’t find any other caterer with a dollar menu”
“…take thee Ronald”
“That’s Mrs. McDonald to you”

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  1. On 17 Apr, 2010, Katie Couric's Nemesis said:

    When you gotta go, you gotta go! Now, where’s the extra toilet paper rolls?

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  2. On 21 Apr, 2010, sweet kita said:

    I think she was in a rush to get to the honeymoon.

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  3. On 24 Apr, 2010, Sean Livingston said:

    Shoot! I needed to go to the bathroom.

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