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Five years ago, I thought goldfish centerpieces were the coolest thing in the wedding world. What did I know? When it comes to centerpieces, living animals are about as inventive as you can get. And goldfish are a whole lot cheaper than caged white tigers.
After considering it for a mere moment, I then pondered the fishes’ truly untimely demise. Picture all your guests trying to eat prime rib with a floating goldy in front of them. From what I remember after young Blimpy’s tragic death– goldfish don’t live long.

Bring in the Betta

beta fish centerpiece 2.png

The Pros:

It’s a prettier fish and there’s nothing carnival about it. You can get betta centerpieces that match your wedding colors (almost impossible for goldfish). And my bridezillas with a conscience – it’s completely humane if you hire a company like Trendy Events who handle set up, drop off, and make sure the betta have the cleanest water in their betta mansions.
You don’t bring these fishies on your honeymoon – they’re delivered and picked up by the rental company.

The Cons:

Betta aren’t passive guppies – they’ve earned the nickname Siamese fighting fish. Inebriated guests might push the bowls together to incite a good ol’ fish fight. You want all eyes on the bride, not Dale, who’s now taking bets that the royal blue fish will destroy the fuchsia one.
Who wants to bet that betta fish are a big trend for the 2010 wedding season? And if you’ve ever tried fishy centerpieces, please comment with your thoughts below!

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  1. oh ok i was just wondering because i really like that idea but i’m all the way in massachusetts and i would like to purchase vases like that for my wedding reception.


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