World's Most Expensive Television: Yes, It's Diamond Encrusted


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Love is all about compromise. Especially when it comes to the TV.
You want a sparkly new something: Kate Spade bag? Jimmy Choo shoes? A shiny new exercise bike to shed that cupcake weight? You’re all set to spend some of that nest egg. But groomzilla is begging for one of those pimped-out flat screen televisions so he could watch (groan) the NCAA tournament and see every drop of sweat drizzle down the player’s faces.
Ohhh, the joys of joint checking.
But your marriage does not have to be met with strife.

Presenting the World’s Most Expensive Television

world's most_expensive_tv_set.jpg
Studded with 160 real diamonds worth 20 karats, he’ll drool over the high-tech LCD screen and you’ll gaze at the bedazzled frame, deep in your personal bridezilla paradise. At a paltry sum of $128,000, this Yalos diamond television set turns marital-couch bliss from myth to reality.
Or not.

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