Inside Scoop: Four Weddings Casting Call!

Posted by on 04 Jun, 2010

four weddings.jpgWho doesn’t love Four Weddings? Wait – you haven’t seen it yet? Set that DVR to record! It’s thee show for judgmental bridezillas. Four brides with similar wedding themes and budgets battle it out to see who has the “best wedding” of the bunch.
If you obsess over minor details, such as the quality of fake snow at a winter wonderland wedding or find yourself making comments like “her wedding invitations weren’t all that,” this is the wedding TV show for you.

Four Wedding Casting Call Details

And even better, if you’re having a wedding from June through November in the New York City,
Connecticut, Philadelphia, PA, or Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX area, you could be on the show!
I spoke to Kelly Brown, the Casting Director of TLC’s Four Weddings to see what type of brides they’re searching for.
Brides across every budget, every personality, every wedding theme are welcome to apply.
To apply, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionare and then have to complete several interviews over Skype and in person.
Brown’s words of wisdom for getting on the show, “Be yourself. Everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding is different.” If you’re crowned the bride with the best wedding, you could win a 5-star honeymoon.
Comment below if you watch the show or plan to apply!

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  1. On 06 Jun, 2010, Alexis Allen said:

    I would like to be on Bridezilla because i am truly a Bridezilla. I am getting married on October 24, 2010 in Illinois. I am already having problems with my wedding party and I am very angry and Bitchy. I have already fired 3 of those ass holes already and there will be more. I hope that you will be in the Chicago area soon. This is a Wedding not to be missed. Thank You.

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  2. On 07 Jun, 2010, DEE said:


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  3. On 28 Jan, 2011, Donna Cregg said:

    Being on Four Weddings would so cool! Wedding movies and tv shows are definitely my guilty pleasure. I just watched this south African one called White Wedding and it was soooo good. Really funny and really heartwarming!

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