Knot Survey Reveals where Most Bridezillas Live!

Posted by on 03 May, 2007

Want to know where your Bridezilla sisters hail from? The Knot just completed a survey of 25,000 recently married brides and grooms from Los Angeles to New York, and came up with the some fascinating bridal trends-by-region. Click here to find out which state’s brides are throwing the swankiest weddings, and whose wedding gown costs are way above the national average-then book your ticket to go visit!

The Survey Says:
— New York brides are engaged the longest (13.1 months) while Las Vegas
brides have the shortest engagements (9.1 months). Since Bridezillas are known for a drawn out and painstaking wedding planning process, it is safe to assume NY is the spot where many Bridezillas dwell. ( More proof on this below)
— The average wedding guest list is 155 people (but Wisconsin brides have
the largest weddings, averaging 191 invitees). Who knew our cheese-loving sisters were such Bridezillas? Invite us to the Brie buffet ladies!
— Weddings are split in terms of formality, with South Carolina brides
choosing a more casual affair (57%), while New Jersey brides are opting
for black tie (68%). Black tie is the mark of a true Bridezilla, so if your fiance is giving you grief about your super-formal wedding, demand a mini break to NJ to skew his perspective!
— The average cost of a wedding gown is $1,279 (but NYC brides spent the
most at $2,297). We’re telling you, the Big Apple is a true Bridezilla beacon! We’re Orbitzing it as we speak….
— The average cost of a wedding photographer is $2,466 (Long Island
brides spend the most on photography at $3,949). Bridezillas do love photographs, so Long Island is another great place for a Bridezilla meet-up!
No matter where you live, our comment boards are a great place to connect with bridezilla kindred spirits. Comment below and let us know what kind of advice you’re looking for from fellow bridezillas.

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  1. On 03 May, 2007, Miles said:

    My bride and I were engaged for five years before we got married… but you won’t catch me calling her a bridezilla!

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