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Sure, Neiman’s is great for life essentials, but nothing says exclusive like one-of-a-kind wedding trinkets. Whether your tastes lean more toward custom beribboned sandals or just clever lip gloss wedding favors, the Indie Fixx Summer Wedding Guide will likely have something for a Bridezilla like you!
Through the Summer Wedding Guide, we’ve been linked to the lovely wedding invitations at KenzieKate Invitations. We love their elegant designs and willingness to customize, so you get the gorgeous wedding invites you’ve been dreaming of. (We may be biased, but we like the Seattle package best.)
Bridezilla also appreciates a good sushi lunch, and so we love the handmade sushi plate sets over at Pottery by Tasha McKelvey. Why settle for Bed, Bath, and Beyond when you can have handmade elegance with your unagi?
Show your support for independent ladies making a fine living by creating things to make your life that much more fabulous. After all, what is Bridezilla about if not creating perfection for ourselves and our lives?

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  1. My husband of almost 3 months, Mark, and I used a site called . It was a lifesaver. This is how we found our photographer and our DJ. It was also the source of what we almost chose to be our venue, before we decided to get married at his parent’s house (ask me about this another time). Anyway, I highly suggest it to all brides out there. Happy Wedding Planning!

  2. Tell everyone how you intend to run the band and what your game plan is. Will everyone have an equal say in band matters? Will you personally direct band activities? Do you intend to perform live? Record indie CDs? Seek professional management? Who are your contacts in the industry? What kind of timetable are you looking at? What kind of rehearsal schedule are you comfortable with? Don’t keep secrets from the band members.


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