Momzillas: Bridezilla's Pick for Perfect Mother's Day Gift


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What do you get when you combine Bridezillas and Bugaboos? The answer is Momzillas, the fantastic new offering from Jill Kargman, co-author of “Wolves in Chic Clothing” and “The Right Address.”This book is the perfect mother’s day gift for the yummy mummy in your life, or anyone looking for good bubble bath reading!

Momzillas chronicles the story of the lovable rocker chick and young mummy Hannah Allen, a laid- back ‘Frisco gal transplanted from her Golden Gate hometown and plunked straight into the mommy mean streets of Manhattan, where Bugaboos gleam like Beamers and toddler birthday parties are bling bling bashes for 200.

Needless to say the Nine- Inch- Nails loving Hannah doesn’t exactly fit the perfectly manicured mold, but her pithy account of MIL-Zilla squabbles, playground stand-offs, and interludes with an old flame art history professor is pitch perfect and utterly relatable; not one page is wasted.

Bridezillas will love this book for the snappy lexicon, true-to-life gossipy girlfriend tone ( but confiding, not catty, more Sophie Kinsella than Plum Sykes), beautiful writing and honest rendering of human emotions. Some of the epilogue “twists” were predictable, but in that gleeful oh-my-gawsh-i-knew-it way, not in an eye-rolling these-writers-are-such-simpletons way. Buy it!
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