Monday Bridezilla Bites

Posted by on 12 Jan, 2009

According to The Telegraph, the bitter awfulness of the movie Bride Wars may finally signify the end of “catfight comedy.” Bridezilla agrees! This genre piqued with “Mean Girls.” Remember, as explicitly shows, there’s no point in being a bitch unless you’re also hilarious. Hilarious, we tell you!

In some of the nerdiest nuptial news of all time, two tweeting lovebirds got engaged via Twitter. Bridezilla says: the internet is for porn, not marriage proposals! Keep it out of cyberspace, you crazy kids!

For budget Bridezillas, here is a great round-up on how to recession-proof your wedding. Number six is particularly brilliant! Repeat after us: dead stock.

The Fergalicious Stacy “Fergie” Fergueson (nee Duhamal) wed hunky Josh Duhamal this weekend in Malibu. Bridezilla details include ten bridesmaids, 375 guests, a Dolce & Gabanna gown, a million dollar one-of-a-kind diamond veil, and the refusal to allow guests to bring a date unless they were engaged or married (ouch.) The very best part though: She invited Carlton! Yes, that one! We wonder if he did The Carlton…..omg, we are choking just thinking about it. Choking!

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