Bridezilla Ballot: What's your engagement ring's story?


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As many of you may know, I’m not only a Bridezilla, I’m also a bookworm-writer. So as much as I love a big shiny engagement rock, I’m also a sucker for the story behind it. As a recently engaged Bridezilla, I thought the moment my future groom popped the ring on my finger was the most special moment of my life. But there was even more magic to come-like getting to hear my future Groomzilla’s grandma tell the story of the ring.

Here’s what she had to say:
“Glad the ring fits and you can put it to good use. For my 18th birthday, Nov. 22, 1950, my father gave me the diamond, that had been in his family for years. My mom picked out a pretty gold setting. When I fell in love with my tall, handsome Marine jet pilot and we decided to marry, I gave him my ring in Nov. of 1953, and he had it reset, in town near the base, in N.C. When he drove back from N.C, to get me at my home in Missouri, on January 14th, 1954, he showed me what he had chosen and I loved it. He put it on my finger, at the altar, Sat. Jan. 16th. 55 yrs. ago. My mind is so clear thinking back. I was 21 & Don 23. Lots of happy memories. “

Thanks Grandma Carlota! Needless to say, though I loved the sparkle and shine of the ring, hearing the history and the sentiment steeped behind the diamond made it all the more special. Does your engagement ring have a story? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. Does my ring have a story? You bet! My husband’s great grandmother (Mrs. Sr.) got the ring (a 2 ct diamond) for her engagement. When her oldest son got married he gave it to his bride (Mrs. Jr.) and Mrs. Sr. went out and bought a 3 ct one to wear instead (called it the dowager’s ring). When Mrs. Jr’s. oldest son got married (my husband’s father) he gave his fiance a ring he bought. When they told his Mother that night that they had gotten engaged, she said no they hadn’t and promptly took off the ring and gave it to my Mother-in-Law (Mrs. III) and told her they weren’t really engaged until she wore this ring. My MIL was school teacher when she got engaged and had to wear it turned around so that her fellow teachers who were also getting married (or recently had gotten married) didn’t get jealous. When my husband proposed (yes, I am now Mrs. IV), he gave me his signet ring and told me I wouldn’t get the “official” ring until we visited his parents in 2 weeks. They met us at the airport and his Mother gave me the ring and told me to put it on and never take it off. She also told me to understand that it really didn’t belong to me – it was just on my finger for safe keeping until a future son decided to get married. Well we have Mr. V, but he’s still too young to get married. My MIL gave my husband and me the “dowagers” ring last year for Christmas (she’s in her 80’s now and doesn’t want to keep up the jewelry). I love them both and sometimes wear both of them, but I’ve never taken the “official” engagement ring off except to have it checked periodically at the jewelers. Lots of history there and I love it (and my husband).


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