Budget Bridezilla: Flashy Rhinestone Disposable Cameras


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Even in the age of digital doodads and wireless what-nots, there is still something giddily fun about the flash of a disposable camera and the accompanying glee of going to pick up developed film. Call us old-fashioned, but Bridezilla wants to bring back the good-old disposable camera-with a new twist of course.

Luckily for us, disposable cameras have undergone attractive makeovers in the past few years. Bridezillas everywhere sigh in relief as we trade the ugly duckling cardboard versions for this swan-like and shiny substitute: the rhinestone disposable camera.

With a camera as hot as this, you could use these cameras for wedding favors, bachelorette party props, or reception table centerpieces-whatever your little heart desires. And at $60 for a set of ten, these cameras are perfect for budget Bridezillas. Mall photo cashiers beware: Bridezilla declares the return of the disposable wedding camera. Say Brie Cheese!

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