Back Fat Be Gone! Bridezilla Test Drives the Unbelievabra


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Fellow bridezillas: there’s nothing uglier than back fat muffing-topping out of a wedding gown. Bridezilla believes women should embrace their curves. But back cleavage and a strapless dress looks like a half-eaten tube of cookie dough. Luckily, we found a cure-all for back fat before it oozes out of a bra near you.


J-Lo, Say it Ain’t So

Back fat is stubborn. Even celebs with the best personal trainers can’t get rid of it. Take J Lo, who recently came under back-fat fire for a few post-baby and possibly post-break up bulges. Poor JLo! We blame whoever picked that revealing gown. It was too late for her, but we found something that can save the rest of you.

Ta Da: Bridezilla Brings You the Unbelievabra

u-n-front-pp.jpgSo rarely does a product come around that we absolutely adore. One that makes us gush and tell all our friends. One that we wish we had six more of. Not to get all infomercial about it but Shapeez, the makers of the Unbelievabra completely changed our opinion of bras forever. The Unbelievabra’s no-closure design eliminates unsightly back rolls and smooths out trouble areas. Similar to what Spankx does for shapely thighs, the Unbelievabra does for boobs and back fat.

Not only was the Unbelievabra a fantastic body shaper, it’s super comfortable. And…best of all, the bra straps never fall down. We couldn’t believe it either. Until bridezilla took this bra for a test drive. It made us feel five pounds lighter, more confident, and like we had better posture. We didn’t have to adjust it once all day. Magic!

It currently comes in three styles: the Ultimate which gives you a tummy tuck look without life-threatening surgery, the Shortee, touted as the perfect t-shirt bra and the Mini, which gives support without the tummy shaping.

Abracada-bra, back fat be gone. Now if only we could find something to conceal our flabby sausage arms…

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