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motherofthebride_lg.jpg Let’s face it, the mother of the bride really gets the shaft when it comes to giving her baby Bridezilla away. The dad gets all the glory of walking the bride down the aisle, plus the daddy/daughter dance, while the siblings, and even cousins, nieces and nephews, are often members of the wedding party.
It seems ridiculous that the long-suffering mumzillas get no official part in the wedding ceremony, especially after all the help they traditionally give during wedding planning. There must be some way to show some love to your Head Chief Spanx-Wrangler/Emotional Handkerchief.
While Bridezilla would certainly endorse an amendment to the sacred Laws Of Zilla sanctioning a spotlight role for Momzilla in the wedding party, there is still a good way to say thanks for all the behind-the-scenes sainthood your mom will surely display during your Bridezilla bouts. This darling polka dot bag is decked out with all the doodads and danglies only a momzilla could love, while still being fashionable and dignified enough to be seen with Bridezilla. Plus, it’s a great place to stash hankies and eye makeup remover for next time you maul her with your Maybelline zombie eyes.
Like a chic upgrade to the bumper stickers of yore, this “Mother of the Bride” bag lets her display her beaming mommy pride, and get a little well-deserved glory for herself in the process. The true genius of this bag? It’s reversible, so after the wedding day she can just turn it inside out and use it as a regular bag! Brilliant! When are they making reversible wedding dresses? Wooh, straight down to the Bridezilla lair for a business meeting…If you want to really make Momzilla melt, spring for the matching reversible “Bride” bag. Moment!

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