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This Year’s Biggest Weddings (Part I)


Posted on 05. Jan, 2011 by .

TweetWell, at the very least, they’re the biggest engagements of last year likely leading to the biggest weddings of this year.  Last year we saw some big names tie the knot including the much-talked about pop couple, Katy Perry and Russell Brand.  This year is set to be even bigger when none other than the […]

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Queen of Style: Wedding Venues that Make a Statement

wedding in house of branches

Posted on 08. Oct, 2010 by .

TweetThe dress is the shining moment, but unless the venue, the frame for that glorious dress, is equally dazzling the entire event could fall flat.  Of course, dazzling does not have to mean mortgaging the house.  Take inspiration for some optimal locales, including a Hollywood studio and an underwater aquarium, to create the statement you […]

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Queen of Style: Masquerade-inspired Brides

Masked Bride in Venice

Posted on 06. Sep, 2010 by .

TweetThe Renaissance never goes out of style as the fantasy-come-true spirit of Venetian masquerade balls continue to sweep across popular culture and, of course, weddings.  Step into a world of mystery, seduction and flirtation as reality bends, identities blend and an air of carnival takes over. Amp up the intrigue and enchantment with a truly […]

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Queen of Style: The Grand Capelet

Jean Harlow in cape

Posted on 30. Aug, 2010 by .

TweetNothing melds fashion forward with vintage style quite like the capelet.  At once both old school glamour and, depending on the cut, avant garde.  The capelet is a daring accessory for the ultimate center-of-attention bridezilla. For true grab-the-spotlight flair, take on a cape that in itself makes the gown.  Feel all eyes hang on your […]

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