Wedding Fashion Find of the Week: Stone Jewelry

Posted by on 08 Jun, 2010

Dramatic, chunky jewelery is making it’s way to a wedding near you. It’s not just for hippie chicks or Off Beat brides. They can be cool and colorful or simple and chic, all depending on how you wear them.
Here is an example of a very dramatic stone. It could be paired with an airy and feathery dress for a surprising combination.
Rock Bracelet
Stone necklaces are not just for Betty Rubble anymore. Add this necklace to a strapless mermaid-style frock and your guest will be gushing over your innovation and style.

Stick with these Bridezilla rules and the only “rocky relationship” is going to be with your stone jewelry!

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  1. On 04 Jul, 2010, Claire said:

    I just love the blue stone shown in the first piece.

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