Planning a Bachelorette Party, Jersey Shore Style


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When you think about it, bridezillas and Jersey Shore girls have a lot in common: big mouths, big attitude, big hair, big beach houses, impressive fighting skills. We have better nicknames (bzills vs. Snooki? c’mon, no contest!) and vocabularies (obvi) but when it comes to having a good time, the ladies on MTV’s Jersey Shore have got it down.
It’s time to put that sushi snoozefest idea to rest and head out on a really wild girls’ weekend. Get that ‘do blown out, and have a fabulously good time hanging out with your best girls at the boardwalk. Dance wildly. Flirt with bartenders. Go swimming at sunrise. There’s no better place to put the single you to rest than the Shore.
See New Jersey Bride for a list of cool clubs, bars, and wedding venues in the area.

Outrageous Outfit

Skin-tight neon pink jumpsuit? Jeans that look like they were attacked by racoons? Hoop earrings that could double as bangle bracelets? Bring it. This is your bachelorette party and gives you the perfect excuse to rock that Ed Hardy hat you bought on impulse.
Bridezilla hint: If bridezilla had one wish, it would be to see the end of penis veils and tacky bride sashes. Arrive in shore style wearing this sassy bridezilla tank top. It says “bachelorette” without the “cheap.”

2. Spray Tan A Go-Go

Don’t dare hit the shore or clubs baring those blinding white thighs; this isn’t the Twilight movie set. However, you don’t have to sizzle on the beach like a sausage link to get great color. This is the Jersey Shore, get your fake tan on.
Bridezilla hint: Your bachelorette party is a great time to try out a spray tan. If it turns out too orange, you’ll have just enough time to fix it before the wedding.

3. Jersey Shore NickName

A good nickname is the must-have accessory if you’re going to get down like the girls on the shore. But the rule is (and no, I don’t care how cool the nickname is), you never give it to yourself. Leave it to the Jersey Shore nickname generator. When your bachelorette party is a fading memory, tag those Facebook photos with your nicknames from the shore.
Jersey shore, here we come!

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