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Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Have you ever flipped through your bridal magazines and thought, “Who in their right mind would wear their hair like that?” Or “That dress? Those shoes? You’ve got to be kidding me!” Of course you have. You’re a bridezilla!

Be fun, be daring, be dramatic, but know when you’re about to go overboard. Have one true focal piece and the rest should follow. A focal piece could be hair, make-up, veil, accessories, or dress. A strong lip or eye can go a long way and easily dominate a look.

Here are a few examples of a dramatic look that’s not overpowering.
This dress is so over the top, she does not need to fuss with her hair or extreme makeup. When in doubt, wear a simple French twist and a nude lip.

Vera Wang Wedding Dress
Notice how her dark lip is very strong, yet doesn’t overwhelm her simple dress.
Anne Barge Dress
My favorite look could be the mermaid style; this bride took it one step further with the hair. Normally, I would not recommend doing this, but because the bottom half of the dress is so plain, the curly sea goddess hair works well (and no, there’s nothing Medusa about it).

Alvina Valenta Wedding Dress
Have fun with you hair, makeup, dress, or veil. Just beware of the power of a strong focal point. And remember, sometimes there can be too much style for one little zilla!

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