Wedding Invitation Wording and Wedding Etiquette Made Easy

Posted by on 11 Mar, 2010

Proposal season has officially come to a close.
I know. I am sad too. The fun and anticipation of festive Will You’s is now replaced with the painstaking planning of the I Do’s. There’s just so much to think about! Take your wedding stationery, for example:
Do you have to send save the date cards?
Can boys be invited to the bridal shower?
How many envelopes are really necessary for formal wedding invitations?
Wedding Invitation Wording & Announcement Etiquette: The Ultimate Guide
You might not have these questions. You might be “stuff it all in one envelope and reply online” kind of bridezilla, and we applaud you! But for those who have even the slightest inkling to do wedding invitations and wedding stationery by the book, boy do I have the book for you.
Not Emily Post (frumpy).
Not Miss Manners (prissy).
Wedding Invitations Wording & Announcements Etiquette: The Ultimate Guide is a free ebook designed for every bride – from traditional to trendy, old-fashioned to fashionista. The wedding etiquette experts at Storkie Express will inspire you with their wording suggestions and beautiful sample images. Get the low-down on when to order every invite and card so nothing gets back-ordered or sent out late. Learn how to properly acknowledge two married doctors on one envelope!
Easy to download in a PDF so you can save it to your computer, print out to sleep with under your pillow, or send it to all your fellow bridezillas.
Let the wedding planning begin!

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  1. On 11 Mar, 2010, Bitsy said:

    OH! So much information, all at my fingertips. love love love LOVEs it!

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  2. On 12 Mar, 2010, Dynamite Weddings said:

    So much information for brides to get there hands all over! Thanks for the great education!

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  3. On 15 Mar, 2010, bridal girl said:

    Thanks for the information about wedding invitations.

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