10 Real Signs Your Man is a Mama's Boy


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You’re a strong, confident bridezilla, about to strut down the aisle. But there’s another woman getting in your way. We’re not talking about his sophisticated coworker with the always-perfect coif or your back-stabbing bridesmaid, doing her duties while eying your guy.
We’re talking about his mom.

I’m the first one to snicker at the sight of a grown man walking hand-and-hand with mommy dearest. But being married to a mama’s boy isn’t funny. Your groomzilla should make you number one from day one or you’ll have real marital problems. Expect them to begin on the honeymoon, when she calls him just to “check in.”

There’s still time to turn around. Here’s how to spot a mama’s boy from a mile away!

10 Real Signs Your Man is a Mama’s Boy

10. Refuses to move out of mom’s house

If he’s over 25, it’s a problem. I don’t care if he lost his job because of the economy or that mommy needs him. If he’s living at home with the ‘rents and doesn’t have any plans to move out or pay rent- he’s not a keeper; he’s a throwback. Sure, he loves mom’s lasagna (don’t we all) but that’s no reason to sacrifice independence, dignity, and privacy.

Kick him to the curb. Wait – you can’t because he’s still living under his mother’s eagle-sized wing. Just dump him.

9. Mama is all up in bridezilla’s business

Most moms are curious about their son’s girlfriends. But curiosity doesn’t mean peeping through your blinds, stalking you on dates, or getting your social security number so she could do a “brief” background check.

That’s a sure sign of trouble on the horizon. But if she does all of the above and your guy let’s her get away with it – don’t walk away, run.

8. He starts every sentence with “well, my mom says”

Blossoming into a full-fledged, mortgage paying adult isn’t easy and it doesn’t come with a manual. His mom has a few more gray hairs than you, shouldn’t you listen to her about when to have kids, where to get your hair cut, and what house to buy? Absolutely not!

If he can’t make a major decision without calling his mother, he’s a mama’s boy. Sure, she has more life experience under her Dolce and Gabbana belt. But it’s your marriage and all major decisions should be made between the two of you, not the three of you.

7. He didn’t stick up for you that time she called you [insert insult here]

The laws of marriage say that the groom should put the insult-slinging in-law promptly in their place. If she’s calling you fat and he’s not immediately coming to your defense, retract your wedding venue deposit today.

Bridezilla commandment 4: Thou shalt not let the in-laws insult the bride!

6. She cleans your house without your permission

It’s the most egregious mother-in-law crimes. She arrives unannounced with a bucket full of cleaning supplies wearing neon-yellow rubber gloves. She claims she’s just here to “tidy up” and your guy treats her like a scrubbing savior.

She’s doing it because she believes her cleaning skills are infinitely better than bridezilla’s!

Adults don’t need their parents to pick up after them. If he (or you) allows this to continue, this also fits into bridezilla’s top 10 signs you’re too young to get married.

5. When mom says jump…

Mama’s boys are the spawn of highly manipulative momzillas. These moms thrive on getting their sons to do stuff at inopportune times and if he dare say no, they throw a level-10 tantrum.

Momzilla: Can you come over and fix my stove?

Mama’s Boy: Yes…eerr wait — bridezilla has a doctor’s appointment

Momzilla: What? My broken stove is way more important than her broken leg. Who else can I call…I have no one!

Mama’s Boy: I’ll be right there.

4. The way they interact gives you the chills

Has your guy and his mom ever starred in a musical together? Sung the Wind Beneath My Wings as a mother-son duet? Does she still comb his hair or cut up his steak?

If she’s overbearing, over-affectionate, and their interactions remind you of your once-favorite-now-all-too-familiar Greek play, you need to turn this wedding parade around. The apron strings are more like prison chains and he’ll be hers for life.

3. He tells her everything. EVERYTHING

After a certain age, you stop telling your parents everything. His mother doesn’t need to know how much is in your bank account, if the two of you are planning on producing her a grandchild, or how much your bartender gig pays.

She can ask. You don’t have to tell her. And neither does he.

2. He treats you like a maid

She’s cooked for him, cleaned for him, and made his bed for years. Now you’ll have to do it. Because he’s incapable of taking care of himself. He’s a man-child through and through.

You’re his wife. Not his mom. He no longer needs the lady of the house cleaning up his crumbs or making him four-course meals after a 10-hour workday.

1. Their relationship reminds you of…

  • Trey and Bunny Vick’s Vapor Rub weirdness in Sex and the City
  • Buster and Mother in Arrested Development
  • Edward Gaines (the real-life Psycho)

10 thoughts on “10 Real Signs Your Man is a Mama's Boy”

  1. That is true!!!!!!!!!!
    My groomzilla (if I can call him so) is such a mama’s boy, he does everything for her, she even calls us every morning instead of the alarm, stupid bitch, like I can’t take care about him and wake him up!? I do hate her!

  2. I’m totally relieved by reading this. I thought I was the only one who have dealt with a BITCH-in-law. She called all the time. He told her everything little thing, including our sex life. Then she even had the nerves to ask him why do you have to sleep with her. What the hay man?!? Needless to say we are divorce going on four years. I am so glad that living nightmare is over. I’m planning for my wedding now with a wonder non-mama boy, but has a healthy relationship with his mon man. HOORAY!

  3. I have dated a momma boy and believe me it seemed as if I was dating a 16 year-old teenager rather than a 41 year old, divorcee who has a teenager of his own. Trust and believe that these signs are accurate because my so called man lived with his mother and refused to spend the night at my house because his mother disapproved.
    If we got into a disagreement he would tell his mother the details. Once she gave him advice, he had the audacity to tell me “My momma said, that if I need time to think then I should be allowed to”. In fact every other sentence was what he momma said or thought.
    In another incident I asked him what kind of food did he bring to work for lunch and his response was “I don’t know because my momma packed my lunch and I have not looked into my plastic bag yet”. Ladies if you happen to meet a man who is still living at home with is momma, no matter how much potential you think he has, past him up until he is able to stand on his own two feet without the help of his momma….

  4. i agree. I am 43 my boyfriend is 44. We moved to SC last February from Virginia. Little did I know he had never lived this far away from his family total nightmare. Could not work because of bad back problems I had supported him on my disability from Lupus but he decided when I didn’t like things he would go back to Virginia and work etc. He has worked somewhat but gives his money to his mother and is still up there since August. Granted she lives in a bad neighborhood and takes care of a disabled and unruly teenager. That is the guilt that has been put on mt everyone doesn’t seem to remember i am disabled myself and have had many attempted break ins where I am,etc. I thought ex’s I had loved were mama boys, MAN WAS I WRONG!!!! I am a good person and want someone to treat me the way I treat them no mores LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The worst part about it is he hurt his back almost two years ago waiting for a settlement getting food stamps from SC using them in Virginia and now that he had made a little money here and there never offered to help me. I was told he’s not there now so it’s my problem just like it was when he was here. This is a very immature “STRANGE” situation for real and I do not wish this relationship on anybody

  5. Well my instance is my 44 year old boyfriend and I moved to SC February not knowing he’s never been away from his family, had problems here and he had the chance to get help with his bipolar disorder and our problems. He decided to go back to Virginia and stay at his moms and work with his brother. The deal was he wanted to buy his own car and be self sufficient. Well that was August now it’s October! I have supported this man for three years he missed my birthday our anniversary etc. I am not saying his mom doesn’t have an easy situation but neither do I. I have had men hit on me alot and have stayed faithful to him I have Lupus so I have supported him on my disablility. He still has no money he has a car he was suppose to fix up weeks ago to come back home and got jumped Saturday at his mom’s house for talking s–t. to someone because they are addicted to drama. This is quite a ripoff relationship I’ve had and selfish too. This man can’t even speak to me on the phone cause she’s always listening or interrupting. He found out weeks ago he’s a grandfather. How do you explain this to your kids that sorry you can’t come visit to stay cause great gramma doesn’t have room. i have my own faults like lack of patience for drama and irresponsibility. Its funny how I’ve looked like the bad guy when I have opened my home and generosity to his family as well where my two older kids don’t even live with me. My daughter actually quit talking to me saying how she hates how he uses me for money and he’s a loser. He hurt his back almost two years ago and couldnt work when he was with me but can work under the table up there and collect SC food stamps being in Virginia. This has to be the worst mama syndrome I have ever seen. I have even had my place here almost broken into 4 times and none of them seem to care about my problems especially his mother. It is very unhealthy and sick what I have been through and never again!

  6. One more thing, I do not wish anything bad on him. i do feel bad he got jumped however,but I told him if he would of been home in SC with me this wouldn’t of ever happened,It took him two days to call me after the incident happened and when i did talk to him he was busy eating chicken with his mom and couldn’t talk and hung up on me. That has been my whole problem in the relationship feeling bad,over compensating for his short comings,Taking the blame for things I shouldn’t of and not trusting GOD to figure it out for me.I have put my heart and soul into something that had no outcome accept a lot of sorrow and tears,disapointment and failure Ladies please do yourself a favor and don’t be a victim of deception,manipulation and lies.. Life is too short and everyone deserves to enjoy life and not be treated as if you were your guys mama. We all want to be loves genuine, having an equal love commitment and boundary is healthy and I told me ex to lisent to BonJovi I’ll B There For You. That is the song that explains what I need from a man not a man-child!!!!! LOL BTW He has told me so many times his mother told him when he was young he was a man child. Now I know what he meant GOOD LUCK!!

  7. 20 years of this ladies…….i’m now 46….raising 3 boys…it’s hard not to worry about my boys….made my mistakes……but i can guarentee you i had the worst mother in laws in the world….i’mtrying hard to make my boys into men…..

  8. Oh my God, I broke up with my now ex a month ago and I was really sad because I truly loved him. The problem was that HIS MOM was always getting way too involved in our relationship and in the end, he let her ruin things; she asked him to break up with me. She called me names and he didn’t say anything, why? because to his eyes mommy’s always right.

    One of my closes friends told me, “do you want me to be completely honest? I’m glad you’re not with him anymore because he’s a mama’s boy!”. I looked it up, found this article and wow, yes, he was right. Thank God I got out of this.

    I hate that old lady, she’s nuts!


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