Wedding Headpieces that Make a Squawk


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So the 80s came and went, and then the nineties, and then I thought we were going to be pretty much done with big things: Big shoulders, big dresses, big stack heels, big hair, big veils. Call me a picky ‘zilla, but I like the sleek, pretty, modern look of millennium brides.

80s bride less than Modern bride

Image of 80s wedding found here. Beautiful wedding image found here.

And then came along a little lady called Carrie Bradshaw, who threw the biggest wedding the 2008 silver screen could have hoped for. Sleek and pretty? Yes…and no.

Carrie Bradshaw wedding headpiece

Don’t get me wrong: there is a huge part of the bridezilla inside of me that gets a kick out of the fact that ol’Carrie is sporting the better part of a peacock on the side of her head. If anyone can pull it off, Carrie can.

But no on can deny that since that epic fail of a wedding, bridal headpieces have gone from mild to wild. We love when fellow bridezillas make a fashion statement  – but a warning to the wise: you might want to make sure your fashion statement isn’t consuming your hair. Or your whole head.

Where’s Your Head At?

Large Flower Wedding Headpiece
I love that, even so large, this Jennifer Behr headpiece is still delicate and feminine. I just hope the groom is always standing on the bride’s right. It’s like a one-sided blinder.

Feather Headpiece with feather flyaways
She looks happy, which is a good thing. But this fly-away feather hair-fringe from Eith Designs should have this bridezilla flying over the cuckoo’s nest.

Kenley Project Runway Wedding Dress

Despite some dispute over whether or not Season 5 Project Runway finalist Kenley ripped her wedding dress design from Alexander McQueen, I like it. Flirty and feathery? Yummy. But why the crazy hat? Perhaps this is fine for the runway, but imagine this rather tall headpiece at your wedding. Unless your groom is sporting an equally ridiculous top hat, she is going to look like the Mad-Hatter had a baby with a bird, who then became a bride.
Vintage Net Wedding Headpiece
I found this image at RocknRoll Bride and said to myself, “Rock ‘n’ roll? Or chain mail?” She’s so vintage she’s medieval!

Wedding Headpiece with horns
Oh me. Oh my.

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  1. Only a few people can really pull off those type of big headpieces and get away with them. Cool for those brides who can really do this.


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