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You’ve heard the saying, “Never go to bed angry.” Well, that’s nearly impossible, especially when your guy likes to roll up in the blanket as if it was his personal cocoon.

To prevent an all out blanket battle, register for covers that are big enough for both. A lavish, cozy down comforter is more important in your nest than coffee makers or crock pots. Trust me.
As a ‘zilla who likes her bedding with a side of sumptuous, finding something that fit both of us wasn’t easy. the Embrace, a down comforter is marital bliss in a blanket.

Embrace the Embrace

The Embrace Down Comforter made the exclusive Bridezilla Swoon List because it puts an end to the sharing-the-blanket shivers. I slumber tested this luxurious blanket and will never go back to those barely there quilts.

No feather-sticking. No shifting one way and the blanket goes the other way. The embrace regulates the heat of each sleeper without disturbing their sweet dreams. The heat regulating system really worked.

Typically, I “shiver the whole night through.” With this sleep regulating system, I stayed warm and in a pleasant, unbridezilla mood until the morning. So did groomzilla and our pup. The only downside to this down is that you’ll have to stick with plain old white. Dress it up with colorful throw pillows! Bridezilla gives the Embrace an A-.

As I write this, by coincidence, it’s 20% off, so you should scoop up this Swoon List item while it’s still on sale!

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  1. This is a great solution to the problems of many! Thanks for sharing this, I know that so many times I end up with just a bit of blanket in the morning and find that I am freezing, it makes for an ugly morning. I definitely will be looking in this.


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